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Mrs. Ramachandran Usha explains how to make organic compost at home. she create home-made fertilizer for indoor plants. This video made exclusive for YouTube Viewers by Shruti.TV +1 us : https

How to Make Compost Tea - Excellent Organic Fertilizer

How to Make Actively Aerated Compost Tea - Duration: 22:23. Homestead and Chill 21,550 viewsHow To Make Natural Fertilizer For Your Garden | - Duration: 9:03. Moore Family Farm 699 views 9:03

Compost - Is it an Organic Fertilizer? - Garden Myths

Compost is good for the garden, in part, because it adds nutrients for the plants. That sounds like a fertilizer. But almost everything you read says that compost is NOT a fertilizer. Something doesn’t make sense—let’s have a closer look at this

Composting 101: How to Make Compost & Fertilizer at Home

According to most composting guides online, the best way to make compost is in a large, carefully constructed pile: at least three feet on each side, with green and brown materials added in layers. To make it break down faster, you should cover

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compost fertilizer making machine, you can start your compost organic fertilizer business easily. If you want to make compost organic fertilizer for commercial purpose, your commercial fertilizer business can be simply designed into the

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Compost fertilizer prevents heavy metals from being absorbed by plants or migrating to water resources. Before you learn how to make compost fertilizer, you must know why you are doing it in the first place. Compost fertilizer can cleanup

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When you learn how to make organic liquid fertilizer, you discover a goldmine for your garden. One of the best ways to continuously feed nutrients to your plants is to use an organic compost. But compost takes some time to make, and sometimes

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Making compost is easy to do and requires very little effort. Here is how to get started making compost and how to make your own compost bin. For larger amounts, you may want to contain your compost pile in a bin. These can be made of any

Worm Tea as Fertilizer | How to Make Fertilizer from Worm Castings ⋆ HTGT

If you are an organic gardener, learn to make this easy and fast release worm casting fertilizer! Most organic gardeners know that it’s possible to convert compost into refreshing compost tea, an invigorating liquid fertilizer that also helps

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Compost crusher machine New type vertical crusher, semi-wet material crusher and hammer crusher are usually used for deal with composted organic waste. The inside shredding device will make compost into small pieces with set size. New type

How to Compost at Home: A Beginner's Guide to DIY Fertilizer

For a quick refresher, compost is decayed organic material that becomes plant fertilizer. You can compost everything from eggshells to coffee grounds to food scraps and food waste that easily break down in the composting bin. So now the question

Compost vs. Fertilizer. You have many options when it comes to providing a healthy environment for plants. While numerous types of fertilizers can be an effective way to quickly

Compost tea is a well-balanced and nutrient-rich fertilizer that you can make by brewing compost in water. This fertilizer can be used on flowering plants, vegetables, houseplants, and crops of all sorts to increase growth, blooms, and yields.

How to Make Fertilizer. Fertilizer helps plants grow to be stronger, larger, and healthier. There are many ways to make your own fertilizer, from all-purpose recipes to simple household products that can naturally boost nutrient levels in...

How to make chicken manure compost | methods & equipment & cost - Manure to fertilizer machines

Making compost is an efficient way to recycle chicken manure. In order to make quality compost, you need pay more attention to composting process. Temperature, C/N ratio, moisture and oxygen content are important factors, which may directly

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Carry nitrogen-rich scraps from your kitchen out to the compost pile, and add shredded paper with a garden fork every time you do so. Paper is very carbon-dense in comparison to the nitrogen content of kitchen scraps like coffee grounds, orange

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Here are seven homemade fertilizer recipes for you to put to the test. They're made from ingredients you probably already have on hand, including some things you may be in the habit of throwing away. 1. Line a cookie sheet with newspaper. 2.

Compost tea is a fantastic way to protect plants with a cover of beneficial microorganisms and feed the roots as an organic fertilizer. Compost tea is a mixture of nutrients and oxygen-loving (aerobic) bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other

How to Make Compost Tea at Home | Simple Recipe

Compost Tea is a fantastic nutrient-rich natural fertilizer that can be made from kitchen waste. Learn to make this DIY fertilizer for your garden. It goes without saying that compost is one of the best fertilizers you can use in your home

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Make Your Own Fish Fertilizer December 11, 2013 by admin Remember that old story of the natives teaching the Pilgrims to bury fish beneath their corn plants? It works. That’s why “fish emulsion” or “fish fertilizer” is still sold as a common

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Composting Guide: How To Make Compost at Home

You can make compost from many things. One of the most common ways of making compost at home is from food scraps. Yes, those food scraps we throw away every day can be turned into an exceptional fertilizer for your garden or flowers.

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Make Organic Compost Fertilizer at Home – Compost is the absolute most critical supplement you can give your garden soil. Treating the soil is a straightforward approach to include supplement rich humus which energizes plant development and

How to Make Tomato Fertilizer - DIY Tomato Fertilizer Recipe - Plant Instructions

Compost: Rich, organic compost is ideal for a good tomato fertilizer, and will be the base for this recipe. You can purchase compost at your local nursery, or, if you have a bigger garden, you can make your own. Learn more about how to make your

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How to make compost Nature creates compost all the time: Leaves and branches fall onto the forest floor, which microbes turn into more earth. Humans, on the other hand, have to work a little

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Instructions Step 1: Mix ingredients Mix four parts seed meal, one quarter part finely ground agricultural lime, one quarter part gypsum, one half part

How To Make a Compost Bin: Making Use of Waste!

Now that you have an idea on how to make a compost bin, the next step would be creating one. So how do you build a compost bin from scratch ? With a great natural fertilizer, the next step is to ensure there will be no pests in your garden.

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Learn basics of compost tea and how to give your garden a boost toward optimal health. Ever heard of compost tea?It’s a blend of organic matter that’s brewed to give your soil a boost toward optimum health. It’s not easy to make your own compost

This is the simplest way to make cow manure compost, see it's results!

In the above paragraph, I have mentioned that cow manure compost has deficiencies compared to chemical / inorganic fertilizers. Therefore, it is necessary to do optimization steps so that it can compete with inorganic fertilizer. How to make man

Hot Composting - How to Make Compost in Less Time

The size of your compost bin or pile is very important when it comes to hot composting. Too small and the pile won't heat up sufficiently. A good size for a pile or bin for hot composting is at least four feet wide by four feet high. In